Ocean City, Maryland

Welcome to Whiskers Pub in Ocean City Maryland. We take pride in providing a welcoming diverse clientele  We are a pub-style restaurant that serves lunch and dinner daily, offering a wide range of delicious menu options to satisfy all taste buds. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Whiskers Pub is the perfect dining solution for a memorable experience.

Located in uptown OCMD, our restaurant can be found in a vibrant shopping and dining complex on the bayside. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all of our customers.

One of the highlights of Whiskers Pub is our locally famous burgers. Made with high-quality ingredients and cooked to perfection, these mouthwatering burgers are a must-try for any burger enthusiast. We also take pride in serving fresh fish, ensuring a delightful seafood experience for our guests.

Our menu extends beyond burgers and fish, offering a variety of tasty appetizers and satisfying full entrees. From flavorful wings to savory sandwiches, there’s something for everyone at Whiskers Pub.

We understand the importance of affordability, especially when dining with family or simply taking a break from the beach on a sunny day. That’s why we strive to offer modest and affordable pricing, making it accessible for all to enjoy a delightful meal without breaking the bank.

So whether you’re looking for a casual lunch, a hearty dinner, or a place to gather with friends and enjoy a drink, Whiskers Pub is the place to be. Join us for a fantastic dining experience that combines great food, a welcoming atmosphere, and a celebration of diversity.



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Ocean City restaurant and bar with the friendly atmosphere of your neighborhood pub.
The charm of uptown Ocean City can be felt the moment one walks into Whiskers Pub,
which has been a part of the uptown neighborhood for over 30 years. From locally famous Certified Angus® burgers and delicious casual fare to full cocktail list and craft brew selection. Whiskers is sure to please everyone.


Whiskers Pub, a beloved family-friendly restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, is proud to announce an exciting transformation. While still maintaining its commitment to providing great food and a welcoming environment for families, Whiskers has evolved to celebrate a unique safe atmosphere for nighttime entertainment.

Amidst the changing tides of Ocean City’s dining scene, Whiskers Pub stands as a beacon of inclusivity. Families always enjoy the same delicious menu options, locally famous burgers, and fresh fish that have made Whiskers a household name. Our restaurant continues to prioritize affordability, ensuring that every guest can indulge in a fantastic meal without breaking the bank. The warm and friendly staff remains dedicated to creating an inviting environment for patrons of all ages, making Whiskers an ideal destination for family dining during the day.

But as the sun sets, Whiskers Pub undergoes a remarkable transformation. The venue embraces its newfound identity as a safe and vibrant space for nightlife and entertainment. From theme nights to late night football, Whiskers offers an exciting lineup of events tailored to cater to a diverse and open-minded crowd. As a pioneering LGBTQ+ bar in Ocean City, Whiskers takes pride in providing a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and celebrate their true selves.

Experience the changing of the guard at Whiskers Pub, where daytime family-friendly dining seamlessly blends with an exhilarating nighttime experience. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones or immerse yourself in the lively nightlife scene, Whiskers is the place to be. Join us as we celebrate diversity, good food, and unforgettable memories in the heart of Ocean City, Maryland.


Whiskers maintains the old pub feel with its high tin ceilings and old wooden, handmade booths. You don’t see woodwork like that anywhere else in the area! The classic woodwork is also seen in the large wooden bar that is topped with a wide array of liquor bottles, showing all the drink possibilities that a bar has to offer. Stained glass hangs on the walls, amplifying the pub atmosphere that engulfs the restaurant.


Not everything has remained the same over the years; the pub food menu has seen some additions and changes since the change in ownership. It’s a basic pub food menu, but there’s a lot of offer.The pub food covers everything from soups to sandwiches to entrees. One specialty that has been consistent over the years has been the half-pound burger, boasting “Best Burger In Ocean City”. The burger comes just about any way you like it, allowing you to pick your own toppings or go with the burger specialties. The specialties include burgers such as the “death burger”, the “crabby burger” and the “Whiskers burger”.



Appetizers include classic bar favorites such as wings, nachos and shrimp. Keeping in tune with the Eastern Shore favorites, the crab dip is one of our most popular Maryland seafood items.