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Always enjoy it here. Food is good and employees are friendly and attentive.

Bill McNickle Avatar Bill McNickle
September 29, 2022

Beer menu awesome , if you are looking for a bite as well, it can be a bit much.

November 29, 2022

Horrible experience, service was extremely slow and the food was frozen refried garbage. This isn’t the same Wiskers since it changed ownership. Good luck keeping the doors open. Our family will stick to Fast Eddie’s next door.

Anthony KIRBY Avatar Anthony KIRBY
July 29, 2023

Good food and great service..

Errol Poole Avatar Errol Poole
March 29, 2023

My sister and I ordered the salad. Waiter came out and said they didn’t have enough lettuce for my wedge salad. I ordered a Pub Salad then with Mahi Mahi. Salads had no cucumber or tomato’s and they were very small, certainly not worth the $10 price they charge. My husband said his ribs were good. It’s not the same place we used to frequent.. then the food was good and worth the price.

Martha Kreiner Avatar Martha Kreiner
July 29, 2023

Great staff great pub food

Mark Liddane Avatar Mark Liddane
January 29, 2023

Went here for some late night drinks and it was really chill and cool. One of the guys that worked there (Caleb) was super nice and helpful and fun to talk to! He made it an even better experience than it already was!

Tracy Fields Avatar Tracy Fields
August 29, 2023

Underwhelming in every aspect. Wait was over an hour and all of the food was made incorrectly. There were no updates as to why our food was taking so long and when I received my burger, it was cooked well done (asked for medium rare) and had little taste. Asked for waters multiple times but none were brought out. Saw multiple groups come in after us but leave before us due to wait times after ordering. Will not be returning.

Dean Carolan Avatar Dean Carolan
June 29, 2023

You won't catch me in that place anymore.

Mike D Avatar Mike D
May 29, 2023

I loved Whiskers! Had a few beers then I was ready for a cocktail. I wanted gin and the bartender Ed suggested a gin fizz. Wow did it knock my socks off, it was so summery and light and crisp and delicious! Everyone sitting at the bar was so friendly, fantastic atmosphere!

Robin Crawford Avatar Robin Crawford
July 29, 2023

We were going to order delivery but found this place online and went in instead. So happy we did!! Fantastic food and friendly staff. Meals were quick, fresh and hot. The Reuben was good with thicker corn beef. The Crabby Chicken and Crabby Burgers were fantastic with the best crab dip we had all week! They have a great happy hour too.

Autumn Lovas Avatar Autumn Lovas
September 29, 2022

Wonderful experience. Wait staff attentive. Food fresh and delicious. We had steamed shrimp cooked perfect,crab burger made with Angus beef and shrimp salad . Price point great. We will be back soon

Amy Eccleston Avatar Amy Eccleston
August 29, 2023

Great prices and food

Bruce Donnelly Avatar Bruce Donnelly
September 29, 2022

Was there yesterday. Great place. Wings were delicious. Service was great. Was there for long time hanging at the bar. Didn’t seem any delay in food service. Bartender Cal was the best. I talked with owner for a long time. And he was very personable. Please support this small business.

Frank Giampa Avatar Frank Giampa
June 29, 2023

Awesome bar. Very chill vibe compared to most places in Ocean City. Both of the bartenders were great and the few other people that were sitting at the bar were nice as well. Cant say anything about the food because I didnt get any

September 22, 2023

We normally love this place. Come to O.C. 3 times a year and visit Whiskers at least twice each trip. Went for dinner Sunday night and was told they were closing kitchen because cook was sick. Went last night and they were totally closed. Anyone there this past weekend get covid tested. You can never be too safe

Donna Chronister Avatar Donna Chronister
May 29, 2023

Wow! What a great untapped treasure! Ya gotta check it out! Onion rings! Yes please💖

Elaine Weil Avatar Elaine Weil
March 29, 2023

Bartender was fabulous! Such a homey fun place to get away from the crowds!

E. & D. Pletcher Avatar E. & D. Pletcher
October 29, 2022

Waitress was very nice but it took over an hour for our food and the food was bad. The burgers were overcooked and the fries tasted terrible. All the food was overcooked and lacked any flavor.

Thomas Giewont Avatar Thomas Giewont
June 29, 2023

The hidden Gem od Ocmd. Hail!!!

October 29, 2022


Joseph Smith Avatar Joseph Smith
June 29, 2023

Great drinks and atmosphere!! Will be back.

Carolyn Vidmar Avatar Carolyn Vidmar
July 29, 2023

Best ribs in town!

Mac Beach Avatar Mac Beach
September 29, 2022

Waited for an hour for our food. Food was not very good.

David B Avatar David B
June 29, 2023

I am very surprised that this place isn't as packed as it should be(granted, we were out on a night that most people are shut in). The staff, drinks, and atmosphere are all fantastic. We will definitely be back, next time for the food too, not just drinks! Also, take advantage of the touch tunes juke box. Was told not many people know about it.

Peter Vernacchia Avatar Peter Vernacchia
August 29, 2023

Beer before happy hour was way over priced. Didn't have any food this trip. Was a bit sorry we went that early because it is usually one of my favorite spots.

Steve Heagy Avatar Steve Heagy
October 29, 2022

Great place. Food and service 👍👍.

Dan Teel Avatar Dan Teel
September 29, 2022

I wanted to give Whiskers a try as they advertise towards the LGBTQ community. Their hours indicate they are open until midnight on Sunday’s during the season. I went by at 1030p and the place was dark. Checked the hours on the door and said open till midnight. I then went to their Facebook page to see if there is a emergency closing and there was no new post. Would’ve love to try to place, but not too sure when they are actually open.

Nicholas Augustine Avatar Nicholas Augustine
August 29, 2023

Very "cozy" little pub. 😉 Food was pretty good. Prices a bit on the high side. The walk through the restaurant is tight to say the least. 😆 You feel a bit like someone is going to strike up a conversation anytime staff or another patron has to walk through, simply because they are navigating a tiny, crowded space. Staff was friendly and polite. Not overly attentive but we were there during dinner rush. They're located in a good, central spot in OC, and I think it was a decent choice for our first night as we needed to get groceries (Food Lion is nextdoor) and also wanted to check out The Buzzed Word which is in the same strip.

Danielle Tate Avatar Danielle Tate
October 29, 2022

We stopped in to see the new changes and I must say I was impressed with the taste of food and prices !the staff was nice and friendly. Overall great service .jackie the bartender was funny and gave us an awesome experience. We will be back …

Rebecca Kent Avatar Rebecca Kent
June 29, 2023

The last night of our girls getaway vacation we stumbled upon this pub by accident, and we are so glad we did. Dani was one of the most upbeat, attentive, fantastic servers we have ever encountered in OC! This pub is very diverse and welcoming to everybody and the drinks were amazing. A super nice gentleman (maybe the owner) walked around and checked on all the customers and handed out Whiskers Pub stickers. Thank you Whiskers Pub for giving us another reason to look forward to our annual trip to OC!

Momof3Gems Avatar Momof3Gems
June 29, 2023

Went there Saturday with a friend and loved the atmosphere, the staff everything was amazing and made me very comfortable. Keep up the amazing work !! Definitely will be returning.

Destiny Brown Avatar Destiny Brown
June 29, 2023

5 STAR DIVE BAR ??? Kind of ....Redskins HQ in OCMD. Good Drinks ...and Food...Great "chill" spot....😎 Excellent Bartenders !!

Stephen “Mr. Haubz” Haubenstein Avatar Stephen “Mr. Haubz” Haubenstein
March 1, 2023

I wish we had known that the business changed hands and only recently reopened. When we arrived, we were told they were out of crab dip and only had two burgers left. It wasn’t busy at all so it was lack of preparation. It did take a very long time for the food to arrive but there was 7 of us. The food was just ok. Prices are still reasonable but shoestring fries out of a bag just aren’t my thing. We may stop back in next summer to see how things shake out.

William Valle Avatar William Valle
July 29, 2023

Great dinner. Quesadilla was perfect. Great crab cake and blackened mahi mahi. Service was excellent. Will definitely come back.

48 mary mary Avatar 48 mary mary
September 29, 2022

I was just at Whiskers Pub, and was so impressed with how amazing the food quality and service was here. Everything was spot on, and the new ownership is working very hard to make sure the food quality is high, and the service is speedy. I now have my favorite Pub/Bar to depend on in OC for delicious food, super size portions, pleasant atmosphere, and speedy service

Thomas Fisher Avatar Thomas Fisher
June 29, 2023

We've been going to Whiskers a couple times a year for twenty plus years both during the season and off-season. Last night was the first time we've seen the place was not busy. Not sure why but may have something to do with the owners overly defensive (somewhat aggressive) responses to customers' reviews. Hopefully things turn around enjoy stopping in for a quick drink.or meal.

Bill D Avatar Bill D
June 29, 2023

Another great experience this weekend. We stopped in Friday and again this evening. Service was very good and food super. Getting back to normal. Not super crowded but nice crowd

Rita Bajkowski Avatar Rita Bajkowski
September 8, 2023

Food and service very good!!! We had Crab 🦀 soup, shrimp and crab cakes and Sweet potato 🥔 fries. Will be back soon

Tanya W Avatar Tanya W
July 29, 2023